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The professional doctoral practitioner Hub (the Hub) is explicitly intended as a forum for professional doctoral practitioners to connect with others dedicated to progressing knowledge in the virtual and physical domains. As such, this forum intends to overcome one of the main challenges of the doctoral journey - being isolated from others in a similar position. It will be populated by experts with tremendous experience in all aspects of doctoral education and unrivalled success in achieving the eventual award through effective writing and submission for viva voce examination.

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Successfully completing the modules required by University of Liverpool
DBA programme was elating. I was looking forward to completing my thesis
as a Doctoral Candidate with great enthusiasm but I do believe with a
large dose of naivety . The weekly Saturday submissions, the action
learning groups, the literature reviews and CAL submissions required by
the modules not only guided my learning but also provided structure, I
knew exactly what was expected of me from the university , my learning
set and module tutor, furthermore procrastination was not an option.
The thesis phase has a lot less structure, it is very much under your
control and I did feel "lost" without the support of a tutor and my
learning set peers, with little understanding of how to move forward.
Although the previous two years of modules provided me with a skill to
conduct research , apply research to practice and write up a critical
review of the literature )at a level acceptable to that of a doctoral
student), I was somewhat unsure of the way forward, made even worse by
a poor experience with my first supervisor.
My new supervisor has been invaluable to getting me "back on track".
However, the DoctorateHub has also supported this process , and has been
key to improving my understanding of what is required of a Thesis
submission, including: development of my thesis problem and proposal,
chapter development , the detail required in each chapter, structure of
the thesis and the preparation for ViVo. The most important contribution
from DoctorateHub is the access to the expertise of qualified ,
experienced PHD and doctorate professionals. A huge part of the
DoctorateHub experience is the interactive webinars, held on a regular
basis. The opportunity to interact with your peers whilst also learning
from the professionals is priceless and provides me with support,
guidance, structure and most important motivation. I learn from each
Webinar , even if the specific Webinar may not be in-line with my Thesis
My fellow cohort members and other peers on the DBA programme I am in
contact with , will know that I attend most webinars, and encourage them
too, because I obtain such great value from the sessions. The blogs, and
other info offered by DoctorateHub also provides me with much needed
guidance, as well as the opportunity to hear from other students about
their experiences and their advice. I highly recommend joining the
DoctorateHub and using the tools provided.


Stage: Data Collection and Analysis

Advanced Course: Tackling Wicked Problems – or how to nail jelly to the wall.

The course has been invaluable in:

  1. Understanding problems as "wicked",
  2. Assisting with my Thesis and,
  3. For practice.

Despite the difficulty in balancing work, completing the Thesis and the course, at first the 8 weeks could appear to others as taking time away from Thesis development, but actually, it enhanced mine.

I would highly recommend it. Thank you. I do wish you the best with taking the course forward.

Noeleen, Healthcare Executive, enrolled for a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), UK

Stage: Data Collection and Analysis

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