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DoctorateHub is an exclusive and thriving community of practitioners sharing the obstacles of their doctoral journeys and overcoming them together with their peers.

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Research and development (R&D) dilemma

In this whitepaper we discuss the R&D dilemma to understand how it can inhibit the student’s progression, and what students can do to resolve it.

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Doctoral research and the solution bias/lack of problem understanding

In this whitepaper we discuss the solution bias and lack of understanding of what actually constitutes a problem and how both can inhibit the student’s progression.

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The research-problem,-question,-outcome,-expectations miss-match

n this whitepaper we discuss the research-problem, research-question, research outcome expectations miss-match and how this together can lead to constant friction.

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Hub Coordinators

Hub Coordinators

The faces behind the scene.

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Dr. Andreas Meissner, PhD

Andreas is driving the strategy, technology and service development at the DoctorateHub. And he continues to be an active tutor as much as the time allows for.


Dr. Ana Faria, PhD

Ana is the one who keeps things together and assures that everyone is covered. As a mother of twin-boys, Ana also knows how to bring calm into disruption. A lesson that she happily shares.

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At the DoctorateHub, we provide a wide range of services to our global community of doctoral scholars. To provide these services, we are seeking to grow an equally diverse community of fellow academics from across the globe. The DoctorateHub is an open community, so be welcome to join.

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We are looking for passionate local ambassadors to join our global community of doctoral scholars. Become an ambassador and active driver on the furthering of innovation in doctoral education and collaboration.

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