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The professional doctoral practitioner Hub (the Hub) is explicitly intended as a forum for professional doctoral practitioners to connect with others dedicated to progressing knowledge in the virtual and physical domains. As such, this forum intends to overcome one of the main challenges of the doctoral journey - being isolated from others in a similar position. It will be populated by experts with tremendous experience in all aspects of doctoral education and unrivalled success in achieving the eventual award through effective writing and submission for viva voce examination.

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Viva Preparation


I have been attending several webinars of Doctorate HUB and also used the Full Thesis Review and the Mock Viva services. Doctorate HUB always delivered and it was extremely helpful for me. I could not make it through the Viva without these 2 services. Dr Andreas, Dr Ana and Dr Nii were extremely helpful with their feedback and suggestions during the review and mock exam. The Mock exam added lots of confidence for me and also helped with the strategy on how to answer difficult questions. I am very happy with how I dealt with the questions at the real Viva, and major part of it was due to the rehearsal with the Doctorate Hub. I have had a bit of 'light touch' feedback from my primary supervisor and the Doctorates Full Thesis review helped me a lot to re-construct the thesis to achieve much more professional and presentable version before the submission. Overall I am very happy that I have been referred to Doctorate Hub services and this has helped me a lot during my thesis stage. Many thanks to all involved !

Noeleen, Healthcare Executive, enrolled for a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), UK

Data Collection and Analysis


Advanced Course: Writing Up and Structuring your Thesis.

Hi Final week, of a great course. My only regret is not having access to this programme earlier. Andreas, I have to congratulate you and thank you very much. I do hope you /Doctoratehub find a means to market this to students in the Thesis phase. It is a pity about the other participants not completing but I think it’s the challenges of work/study. However, I do think they would have benefited from finding the time now, rather than not finishing or having a difficult Viva.

Bongi, enrolled for a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), UK

Data Collection and Analysis


Advanced Course: Tackling Wicked Problems – or how to nail jelly to the wall


The wicked problem course was very fruitful for self-development and thesis progression.

Its structure facilitated progressive learning that built up well for the final write up in week 8.

It has enhanced my understanding of the thesis requirements.

Overall, the course was of great value because the resultant knowledge gain can be leveraged into thesis chapters.

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