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DoctorateHub | 2021


Pre- and Post Viva Series (3/6): Viva feedback and how to address it


Pre- and Post Viva Series (3/6): Viva feedback and how to address it

Location: Online
Start date: Saturday, 06 February 2021 12:00 GMT | 12:00 UK time

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Start date

Saturday, 06 February 2021

12:00 GMT

12:00 UK time

Finish date

Saturday, 06 February 2021

13:00 GMT

13:00 UK time


From 23 January to 27 February the DoctorateHub is running a 6-week pre- and post-viva preparation series (check program tab for details) consisting of webinars provided by experts and peer-driven Learning Cafes.

In this second webinar of the Viva series we will look at how to handle the post viva changes requested in the Viva examination report. You made it through the Viva and got minor or major changes and all that is left to be done is to address the corrections put forward in the Viva examination report. And while the language of the report is clear, you may feel overwhelmed by the additional changes you are expected to make.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide guidance on how handle some of the more frequent and common changes requested, as well as learn about the possible non-linearity or overarching implications of change requests.

To support you in understanding how to address the Viva feedback, we are running this free interactive webinar, starting at 12.00 noon GMT/UK time on Saturday, 6th February 2021.

To maximise the learning for participants, questions may be posted to the webinar discussion board after you register. These will be addressed during the webinar.

Key Take-Aways

This webinar will assist doctoral students in: 

  1. Understanding how to read and interpret the Viva examination report.
  2. Understanding how to respond to the changes requested.
  3. Looking at the difference between linear and isolated changes requested versus non-linear or overarching ones.


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From 23 January to 27 February the DoctorateHub is running a 6-week pre- and post-viva preparation series consisting of webinars provided by experts and peer-driven Learning Cafes. The weekly topics are outlined below and registration to the Viva related sessions is now open.

Prof Dr Boštjan

I passed my viva many years ago, in 1993; however, this does not mean that I have forgotten how it was. I do recall it as it was just yesterday …

After my viva I was part of many Viva exams, of my students at bachelor, masters and PhD level as well as an examination & Viva committee member of many other students’ theses.

 Few years before, I started my research path as a young researcher at the University of Technology Vienna (Austria), where I obtained my PhD from. After finishing my PhD, I was working as a Researcher - freelancer, when I was involved in ignition, coordination of and in research work in several national and international interdisciplinary research projects (EU, INTERREG, EURECA, national research projects in Austria & Slovenia) with research groups from several universities and research institutions from different European countries.

 After the EU policy on financing the research project drastically changed at the end of the 90s and manly big consortia were supported, I took the opportunity to join the Austrian Academy of Science.

 In 2003 I was appointed at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Slovenia as an assistant professor in the field of Quality Management and Environmental Protection Management, teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In 2004 I established Laboratory for Quality Management - our research fields were: Quality management, excellence, sustainability, environmental protection, maintenance and asset management as well as quality in healthcare.

In 2006 I was elected to Associate Professor and in 2014 to Full Professor.

Between 2003 and 2014 I was part of and/or in charge of different activities on the Faculty and university level focusing on development of partnerships with professional, industry, research and government organisations.

 In 2014 I joined the University of Wollongong in Dubai, Faculty of Business and since then I have been an active researcher, with strong engagement in the development and support of the UOWD research platform, the Higher Degree by Research (PhD/DBA) program.

 During all my university career time I was engaged in research and/or teaching which is evidenced in my publication record, which contains over 350 items, including journal publications, conference participations, teaching activities and other research and teaching related activities.

 The quality and quantity of my research output and the publications as measured by norms for the discipline can be assessed based on the ranking of the journals; there are some publications which were published in reputable journals with high IF, such as – but not limited to-: JCLP (7.246), AE (4.039), IJOPR (4.577), JCN (1.972), TQM&BE (2.922), and majority of my publications were published in the Scopus ranked journals.

During the last few years I was invited to review papers submitted for publication among others in the following journals: JClP, ACP, IJPR, TQM&BE, IJSHE, IJQSS, IJISCM, MPER, Organizacija, etc.

 The international orientation of my research can be seen based on the co-authorship of my publications. The co-authorship from several institutions and from different countries (A, CH, CRO, D, GB, GR, I, N, Pl, S, Slk, Srb, Slo, USA, UAE, etc.) shows my embeddedness in the international research and scientific networks.

The multidisciplinary orientation of my research can be evaluated through the areas of research - quality management and its role in organisational performance, business excellence, sustainability, health care, asset management & air pollution management.

 Through Governance and Service engagement at University of Maribor (Associate Dean Research, Head of Laboratory, Co-Editor of Journal Organizacija, Head of Quality Assurance Committee, Head of Research Committee, Senate Member, Member of Sustainable University Committee) and at UOWD (Associate Dean Research, PhD Program Guardian, Academic Board Member, University Research Committee Member, UOWD Research Strategy Team Member, UOW PhD Research Course Review Member, Sustainable University Committee Member), etc. …

 I guess, I have collected some experience to be able to help you with your research challenges as well as during your PhD & DBA journey … See you soon!

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