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Advanced Training

Training Session Series

Collective hands-on training sessions in real time

Our Training session concept allows you to organize or attend a series of training sessions focused on a specific training objective, such as writing session organized within a Club, or to work collectively through the tasks of an advanced training course.

Training sessions can come in three different formats: collaborative working sessions, Learning Café sessions or Webinar sessions.

Training session series can be organized from within the Advanced Training Courses, the Clubs, the Workshops, or the Residencies.

Please note, the training sessions feature is still under development. As soon as we will have our own videoconferencing system up and running everyone at the DoctorateHub will be able to organize their very own training sessions and invite their peers.

Collaborative working sessions

Collaborative working sessions are dedicated to hands-on training so to allow participants to improve a specific skill. Collaborative working sessions are in particular useful so to work collectively through the tasks of our advanced training courses. They are also very appropriate to achieve long term goals, such as writing session organized within a Club.

Learning Café sessions

Learning Café sessions are peer driven and attempt to provide a floor for discussing a specific topic. Learning Café sessions are ideal to allow for building up of common understanding, to seek clarity, or to understand on where one is in the doctoral journey.

Webinar sessions

Webinar sessions are organized by expert academics so to share knowledge around a specific area or topics. Webinars also provide a floor so to engage with participants and the expert academic into a reflective discourse.


Ongoing or forthcoming training sessions

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