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The professional doctoral practitioner Hub (the Hub) is explicitly intended as a forum for professional doctoral practitioners to connect with others dedicated to progressing knowledge in the virtual and physical domains. As such, this forum intends to overcome one of the main challenges of the doctoral journey - being isolated from others in a similar position. It will be populated by experts with tremendous experience in all aspects of doctoral education and unrivalled success in achieving the eventual award through effective writing and submission for viva voce examination.

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What students say about us

The course has been invaluable in 1. Understanding problems as "wicked", 2. assisting with my Thesis and, 3. for practice. Despite the difficulty in balancing work, completing the Thesis and the course, at first the 8 weeks could appear to others as taking time away from Thesis development, but actually, it enhanced mine. I would highly recommend it. Thank you. I do wish you the best with taking the course forward.

Noeleen, Healthcare Executive, enrolled for a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), The University of Liverpool School of Management, UK

The wicked problem course was very fruitful for self-development and thesis progression. Its structure facilitated progressive learning that built up well for the final write up in week 8. It has enhanced my understanding of the thesis requirements. Overall, the course was of great value because the resultant knowledge gain can be leveraged into thesis chapters.

Bongi, enrolled for a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

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