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Advanced Training

Intense Residencies

Work alongside peers and experienced researchers to maximise your learning.

How our Residencies work

Intense Residencies are a very rich opportunity to work alongside peers under the facilitation of our experienced researchers. Intense Residencies provide an ideal means to present to an audience, and to receive constructive feedback on your ideas and methodologies in undertaking your thesis or post-doctoral research project. Students will have the opportunity to test their research method and instruments, and to receive feedback on how to improve it. Intense Residencies allow participants to develop their research, writing and presentation skills and to explore a range of different research approaches.

Intense Residencies typically take 4 to 5 days, from Friday to Monday and have from 10 to 30 participants. They will be usually run by two or more (depending on the group size) experienced researchers with a background in quantitative and qualitative research methods. On top of this, residencies also feature a number of thematic sessions that are given by invited experts, and they provide a suitable forum to present and discuss your research. All participants will be provided with both one-on-one and group sessions to maximise individual feedback and guidance.

Intense Residencies are suitable for both, grouping participants at similar points in their journey, as well as bringing together starting and advanced participants. Grouping participants allows for foster point specific learning. Bringing together starting and advanced participants on the other hand allows the novice participant to learn from the senior participants; while the senior participants is benefitting from learning geared towards research communication and to present and defend results, which all are crucial for passing the final viva.

Attendance fee of the Intense Residencies depends on the number of participants and location, with costs starting at €1,500 for a minimum of 6 participants. Room hire and catering are additional, and will vary based on location and facilities required. Costs of travel, accommodation and meals are at each participant’s expense.

As an alternative to residencies we also run three-days hands-on workshops that are designed to focus on research execution and thesis crafting. Learn more about our workshops here.

Below you can find a list of tentative dates for intense residencies and hands-on workshops. Final dates, duration and location for the residencies are jointly agreed among participants. If you are interested in attending a residency or workshop please register below. We are also open to run residencies and workshops nearby your location, and in case of interest, please Contact us.


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Agnes M.

Thesis stage: Data Collection and Analysis

The residency was very well run. I think you are providing a very valuable service and the sharing of information with other students was very helpful.

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