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Doctoral Writing Club


Doctoral Writing Club

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Having support, be it peer or club coach/es, in holding yourself to account for focused writing of your thesis helps progress towards completion during the lonely thesis journey. This club offers a safe environment to discuss pain points, explore ideas and focused writing sessions.

This club gives you that peer and coach-led support environment to access at any point through your thesis journey, be it the beginning, during, pre-viva, or during post-viva corrections. Having a regular time to meet up to discuss pain points and explore ideas in a safe environment, clear of judgement, is offered. This is also an environment to hold yourself to account to focus on writing uninterrupted by the outside world for a set period of time, checking in at regular intervals.

Many participants have enrolled and succeeded in moving to their thesis phase, had their proposal approved with a supervisor allocated, then found the journey of thesis writing becomes isolating and lonely without some type of support to bounce ideas around with and encourage progression. You have your supervisor/supervisory team who have a range of other commitments in addition to supervising you. They supervise your progress, so you are covered on that end. But your supervisor does not typically mentor or coach you and help you think through your thesis content, reflect on challenges, and understand the options and obstacles in moving forward. This club aims to help with these types of discussions to smooth the progression through the thesis process and provide a peer support environment for you to hold yourself accountable for managing your progress and time.

Club Objectives

In this club, we will provide a peer and coach-led environment to:

  1. Provide a safe environment to meet and encourage thesis progression.
  2. Discuss thesis content, reflect on challenges, and understand options and obstacles moving forward.
  3. Hold yourself to account for managing your progress and time.
  4. Celebrate the wins as participants complete key milestones of submitting their thesis, undertake their Viva, make final changes and attain graduation notifications.

Study segments

This club is of relevance to the following study segments.

Research methods and tools covered or trained in the club:

Data collection techniques covered or trained in the club:

This club is geared at the following thesis development stages:


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