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Turn yourself into an independent researcher.

Having received your doctorate you are now a fully recognized researcher. Traditionally, the next step is to embark on an 18 to 36-month post-doctoral assignment to develop yourself as an independent researcher. This is where we can support you in your first ‘real’ research project and to allow you to gain independence with confidence.

We understand your first real research project will likely be carried out within your workplace - and that it is crucial for you to live up to the expectations and meet the quality benchmarks. There are numerous things that could go wrong, small details overlooked and a number pitfalls waiting for you. We will ensure you consider all of this, that your first real research project will be executed to plan and you deliver on the objectives.

Our experienced researchers know how to plan and implement a research project and how to communicate the findings. We are able to provide you with close personal support and guidance. While each research project will be different, a typical post-doctoral project may include three general phases: planning, implementation and presentation. During these three phases we will support you based on your individual needs and work towards the outcomes as outlined in the table below.

Phase Month Outcome
Plan Month 1 to 3 Stage 1: Identification of the existing issues, isolation of the research problem, formulation of matching research question.
Month 4 to 6 Stage 2: Initial literature screening, identification of research method(s), crafting of research plan.
Implement Month 7 to 9 Stage 3: Data collection, data analysis, further literature screening.
Month 10 to 12 Stage 4: Data analysis, and further literature screening.
Month 13 to 15 Stage 5: Formulation of results, outlining of solutions to resolve the existing issues and problems.
Present Month 16 to 18 Stage 6: Crafting of the communication strategy, preparation of papers, posters, and presentations, mock-up session to present and defend the research results.

We support you alongside each of the six stages of your post-doctoral research project. The post-doctoral research supervision consists of commenting on drafts, regular video conference calls, and custom crafted instructions and training materials. Our experienced researchers can also assume co-authorship of your study and present the results together with you. The post-doctoral research supervision comes at a price of €1.000,- net per month. A discount of 10% applies for advance payment for the full post-doctoral research project. Submit your post-doctoral research project idea or plan for a free review and feedback here.

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